Cleaning and disinfection

STEELCO® cleaning and disinfection equipment

We have the exclusive dealership of:

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  • Instrument washer disinfectors
  • Instrument drying cabinets
  • Trolley washers
  • Endoscope washer disinfectors
  • Endoscope drying cabinets
  • Laboratorory washers
  • Dental machines
  • Bedpan washers
  • Animal cages washer disinfectors
  • Bed washers

Steelco is an important player for the production and delivery of cleaning and disinfection equipment on the medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory market. Steelco is able to provide customers worldwide with high-quality and innovative equipment. In the Netherlands the equipment is already on the market for more than 15 years.

The service technicians of PMT Partners Medische Techniek have extensive experience with the installation and maintenance of the equipment of Steelco. They follow refresher courses regularly to stay up to date of the latest developments.

For more information we refer to the website of Steelco;