DUTCH STERILIZER® Sterilization equipment

As manufacturer of sterilizers PMT Partners Medische Techniek can deliver you several types, from steam sterilizers and hot water sterilizers till hot air sterilizers. Because of the large diversity of sterilizers and options PMT Partners Medische Techniek is able to offer solutions for several markets and types of loaders. Of course PMT Partners Medische Techniek can also deliver you all accessories. It is even possible to equip your complete department by us.

We can offer you the following types of sterilizers:

  • Steam sterilizer for medical devices
  • Steam / destruction sterilizer for laboratory purposes
  • Combi sterilizer for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Air cooled ventilator sterilizer for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Hot water sterilizer for pharmaceutical purposes

Each of our sterilizers can be provided with an electrical or plant steam heated clean steam generator.

Types standard execution

Sterilizers with round chamber

DS 2000HR 3.3.6 volume 125 liter number STE: DIN: 1 ISO: –

DS 2000HR 4.4.6 volume 180 liter number STE: DIN: 1 ISO: 2

DS 2000HR 6.6.6 volume 360 liter number STE: DIN: 4 ISO: 2

DS 2000HR 6.6.9 volume 542 liter number STE: DIN: 6 ISO: 6

DS 2000HR 6.6.12 volume 720 liter number STE: DIN: 8 ISO: 9

DS 2000HR 6.6.16 volume 907 liter number STE: DIN:10 ISO: 12

(DIN: 600x300x300mm / ISO: 600x400x200mm)

All types are available in single or double doors execution.

Besides the standard “High output” sterilization equipment we also develop and manufacture so called “custom-build” equipment in several dimensions and for several purposes.

More information can be found in our leaflet. leaflet