Steam generators

The steam generators of PMT Partners Medische Techniek

The steam generators of PMT Partners Medische Techniek are developed for maximum reliability and they are applied if for example there is no own steam supply with clean steam available for sterilizers. They are content with a very modest floor area and can be put near or close to the sterilizers.

The steam generators are supplied in a round horizontal or vertical execution, fully made of stainless steel 316L, manufactured and according to the valid demands. They have their own stainless steel feed water break tank with thermic degassing. The boiler is insulated against heat loss by use of 50 mm thick insulation.

The steam generators can be delivered as electrical or plant steam heated generator. The construction meets the current norms and guidelines and has CE marking for pressure equipment.

The steam generators are available with a power from 18 kW till 400 kW.