Validation by PMT Partners Medische Techniek

In short validation means: ‘collection of sufficient reliable data to be sure that a device or way of work will ever have the intended result’.

The service and validation desk of PMT Partners Medische Techniek consists of well-educated and motivated people who improve their knowledge regularly by attending purposely courses. They have a proven reputation for validation, maintenance and manufacturing of this equipment. In this way they are able to relate probably noticed deviations to the right cause and to propose a possible solution.

We validate for example:

  • Steam sterilizers
  • Liquid sterilizers
  • Hot air sterilizers
  • Destruction sterilizers
  • Thermic cleaning & disinfection equipment

We work out a research plan in consultation with the customer in order to offer flexible solutions for a suitable validation agreement. In this research plan is agreed which equipment with which processes and loading form has to be validated and which requirement should be met. We take account of you as customer, you define in which way and how validations have to be done.

Home and abroad our customers are for example in:

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Health facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory