Lupoo® Internal rinsing of hollow instruments
  • Several models available
  • Easy to use
  • No special MIC rack necessary
  • Custom-made solutions possible
  • Dutch brand
  • CE mark
  • For all brands of washing machines

For cleaning of hollow instruments in a washer disinfector there are several MIC racks on the market to clean these hollow instruments. However some of these racks are often very impractical and expensive to buy. PMT Partners Medische Techniek has a solution for this. The Lupoo system. By means of the Lupoo system you can just use your standard instrument racks and trays.

This Lupoo system consist of several blocks to connect different types of hollow instruments. Because of the flexibility and large diversity you can almost make every possible combination in your instrument rack.

With the Lupoo® you can make your washer disinfector easy and quick suitable for cleaning of hollow instruments with some great benefits:

  • Existing instrument nets can be used with the Lupoo without adjustments.
  • A mixed set of standard instruments and hollow instruments can stay together in the same net/basket during cleaning and sterilization.
  • Connection at main water supply of the washer insert is equipped with a connector with integrated water valve. If a Lupoo hasn’t been connected, then there will be no loss of water pressure.

The Lupoo system is principally applied for medical devices but of course the possibilities for laboratory use and pharmaceutical applications are also possible.

Everything which is hollow needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected after all.

Because of the simplicity and flexibility the Lupoo system has a wide application field.

Effectivity of cleaning can be proved by use of common control devices.

Lupoo type 1

6x tule / 6x pillar ø6, Water supply ø12, L= 250 mm, SS/ Silicone

Lupoo type 2

12x tule, Water supply ø12, L=250 mm, SS/ Silicone

Lupoo type 3

24x tule, Water supply ø12, L= 480mm, SS/ Silicone

Lupoo type 4

For 3 hand pieces, Water supply ø12., L= 250mm, SS/ Silicone/Synthetic

Lupoo type 5

3x tule, Water supply ø6, L= 70mm, SS/ Silicone


More information can be found in our leaflet. leaflet